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Legal Street Racing is a company founded in 2019. Its singing action encompasses all sectors related to the importation, control, certification and sale of parts for modified vehicles. The company grew out of our experience as an individual who has been surveying the long course of a modified vehicle homologation with all the pitfalls it entails. With this knowledge, the professional experience of its founder as a mechanic on cars (CFC) and aware of the difficulties encountered by any enthusiast vehicle modification, we decided to embark on this project.

As the name of our company indicates, our specialty is to sell only approved parts for Switzerland or Europe. We work in collaboration with various companies that have official certification of vehicles and parts for use on public roads. We are also official reseller for Switzerland of various companies specialized in the manufacture of auto parts.

Certification of a car part for public road use requires a lot of testing. These tests mainly concern the resistance of the parts, the material used for its manufacture, the reaction in the event of impact, the aerodynamic modification, the modification of the handling of the vehicle or the modification of the noise emitted. For each of the pieces sold on our site, we certify that these tests have been carried out successfully. When purchasing one of these parts, you will receive with it a certificate issued by an approval body that certifies that this part can be used on this vehicle legally and that it meets all the required standards in terms of active and passive safety. You will be able, with the certification paper, to go to any automotive service and present your vehicle to the expertise without any worries.

The world of cars is constantly evolving, so we are also. In addition to our sales activities, we are constantly working on new ideas, new desires or new concepts to put in place. We invite you to visit our Facebook page and follow the progress of our various projects. Whether you are interested in buying a piece or just want to submit an idea, we cordially invite you to contact us through our contact form or our facebook page.

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