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In Switzerland and other countries, some car modifications require a technical examination to be able to use them on public roads without the risk of being amended. It is only after successfully passing this check that the vehicle can be presented to the expertise for final approval. This is the case in particular for modifications concerning bodywork, power and noise. These examinations are performed by experts from federally registered companies. They comply with European ECE and VO automotive parts certification standards for active and passive safety. The parts examined must undergo tests and meet specific standards to be validated. Two companies are specialized in this type of examination in Switzerland. These are DTC AG based in Vauffelin and FAKT AG based in Eglisau. There are two types of approvals. Personal approvals valid only for one vehicle and "manufacturer" approvals valid for a specific vehicle model.




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The procedures, procedures and costs of these examinations are significant and represent a major difficulty for any owner who wishes to modify his vehicle. Our company specializes in the realization of these examinations and works mainly for the homologation of body parts for a series use (manufacturer approval).


All our products are supplied with official documents certifying that they have passed the homologation tests for use on public roads. The documents provided are valid for the vehicle and the item concerned. The vehicle can be presented to one of the various automotive services in Switzerland to pass the expertise. It is only after passing the expertise that the vehicle can be used legally.

The certification documents provided during the purchase of a product are linked to the vehicle by mentioning the chassis number. Each document issued by the certification bodies (DTC, FAKT, TÜV) is numbered and it is included in the annex to the vehicle's driving license. In the event of a change of ownership, the certification document remains valid as is the driving license of the vehicle concerned. These documents must always be attached to the circulation permit and presentable during a check.

Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding certifications.

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