Our Projects

Project Varis Arising II Wide Body

This is our priority project. We want to provide our customers the opportunity to equip their vehicle with the Varis Arising II Wide kit in the coming months. This kit remains one of the most impressive body kits available on the market for GT and BRZ. How about rolling in a GT or BRZ with this look and in a totally legal way?

We already provide the hood equipping this kit with DTC certification for legal use. It is available in two materials, FRP or carbon.
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Project Wald International Black Bison

This project is our favorite. As you can see, we already have a vehicle equipped with the Wald Black Bison kit. This is a vehicle fully approved for use on public roads. The approval is not standard, we are not yet able to offer this kit in store. It should be available in the next few months. We invite you to follow the evolution of our various ongoing projects on our Facebook page.


Project Rallybacker Wide Body V2

Project ML24 Version 2

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