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Our Projects

Projet Varis Arising II Wide Body


100% LEGAL

This is our priority project. We want to provide our customers with the opportunity to equip their vehicle with the Varis Arising II Wide body kit. This kit remains one of the most impressive body kits available on the market for the GT86 and BRZ.

How would you like to drive a GT or BRZ with this look and in a totally legal way?


After a number of months of work, we are happy to announce to our customers that this project is now complete and finished. This kit is now fully legal for road use. The parts are available for purchase in our online store along with the homologation certificate and will soon be available for installation in our new workshop department. Do not hesitate to consult our prices and contact us for more information.


Projet Rocket Bunny V1

100% LEGAL

No need to present this project, all GT86 and BRZ afficionados will recognize it. It is a Rocket Bunny V1 kit mounted on a beautiful red GT86 equipped with one of our Varis Carbon hoods already certified. This kit is now available on our online store with the certificate of approval for the widened fenders, the diffuser, the sideskirts, etc...

Projet Wald International Black Bison


100% LEGAL

This project is our favorite. As you can see, we already have a vehicle equipped with the Wald Black Bison kit. It is a vehicle fully approved for use on public roads. The homologation is now a series homologation. It is available in our online store. 

Projet Rallybacker Wide Body V2


100% LEGAL

This kit is not well known on this side of the Atlantic but is one of the hits in terms of integral modification. A mix between a general purpose kit and a Greddy Rocket Bunny, this kit fits on a wide range of bumpers. We also have the approval for this kit. It is available for purchase in our online store.

Projet ML24 Version 2



It is still a rather confidential modification that the ML24 kit. Its rather massive look does not leave anyone indifferent. Like our Rallybacker project, we are currently studying the interest of our customers for this modification. 


Due to the lack of interest from our customers for this kit, we have unfortunately decided to abandon this project.

We remain available and open to study in case of interest but this project will not be realized as a demo car.

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